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2023 Guelph Lawn Bowling Club Schedule


We are opening for the 2023 season on May 13th


Greens Availability 2023




* The club and greens are CLOSED the first Wednesday of every month.

* The greens might not be available during all these hours as they may be reserved for a special event, please see our live Calendar for availability.


In-house Club Tournaments
















Guelph Lawn Bowling Club Member Leagues and Practice Times



Please note for any of these times, unused lanes are available to members to bowl without participation in the league or practice.

* Direction of play has been stipulated to avoid confusion and ensure we are playing either direction evenly to avoid wear.

** Lane Colour is a new addition. You will notice we have a new lane paint job! Lanes are marked in white, but we can also play in lanes marked in blue which are offset by the white lanes by half a lane. This is another strategy to avoid wear. We will stick to white lanes for tournaments.

Monday, Casual Triples Play and Elders Outreach

Monday evening we host casual triples play.  Teams will be organised at the beginning of the evening based on attendance. Monday is also our Elders "Pay What You Can" evening, a social evening for community seniors to connect with one another at a reduced financial cost.

Tuesday, 4-3-2-1 League

Individuals play for themselves on a team of three, score accumulates for the month, $1.00 a week, prize money paid every month.

Wednesday, Novice Play

Wednesday evenings is an opportunity for new bowlers to come out and play against each other in a social and supportive setting.  The style of play will be dictated by participants.  Wednesday is also open for individuals and groups looking to give lawn bowls a try for the first time, or for members looking to play against each other in a non-organised format.

Thursday, Doubles League

Every Thursday for 18 weeks from May 18th to September 21st inclusive starting at 7pm.

2 x 5-end Australian doubles matches with a 1 end tiebreaker if required.
Each round players will be randomly paired up with a partner.  The first Skip is the highest ranked player (if tied randomly chosen or agreed upon between the two players).  The Skip then challenges another team.  For the first round, starting with the lowest ranked team, each team will challenge.  For the second-round teams with a player who had a bye in the first-round challenges first.
The Lead bowler starts off with 2 bowls each, then the Skips play their 4 bowls and then the Leads complete the end with their final 2 bowls. In the next end the roles are reversed.
Each player will accrue 3 match-points for a win or bye, and 1 match-point for a loss.

Player rankings will take into consideration each player’s best 12 weeks.   The first tie-breaker is the overall ranking (all 18 weeks).  The second tie-breaker will be total accrued game points over the 18 weeks.

Friday & Saturday, Greens are open and people are playing

Friday at 7 and Sat at 10 the greens are open and members will be playing. Participants can organize into one or more formats depending on the number and interest of participants. Or come by and do your own thing.

Sunday, Competitive Practice

Sunday afternoons between 12:00 - 14:00 half of our greens are set aside for individuals seeking to hone their skills for competitive play at the district, provincial, and/or national levels.

Final Note

Tournaments, leagues and open bowling are subject to the weather.

Please wear flat, soft-sole shoes to play. We prefer club members wear shoes

that are used for lawn bowling only as opposed to street shoes to play.

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